Hello and welcome to my February Custom Update here on Brickipedia! I'm Omega X.23 aka Omega X, and let's get started!

CoTM of February!!

As some of you may know, I'm the Customiser Of The Month in February!! A big THANK YOU to everyone who have voted for me, and yes, it did come as a big surprise. Thanks everyone again!!

What am I going to do in this month?

Well, this month I decided to do something different, so instead of building something different, I decided to learn building Chima's animal faces instead! The techniques used my Lego is simply ingenious that I decided to learn them. Also, I may consider venturing into some themes that I'm not familiar with, such as Star Wars, Pirates, City and some Science-Fiction.

Planned Customs

Currently, there are no planned customs for this month, excluding maybe the MOC I'm considering to enter for the Monthly MOC Competition.

So, any suggestions?

Please, any suggestions, comments and critics of my customs are most welcome, even encouraged!

Omega X

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