Hello and welcome to 'Guess that Minifigure' 1! I'm your host, Omega X! Here's a brief introduction to the game. MinifigsLogo


Basically, this is a spin-off from Irnakk's 'Guess that Lotr Character' series, only difference being that this can be any figure produced by LEGO! Other users also have hosted similiar games before, so this is sort of a reboot to spend time while we are preparing to move to Brickmedia!

(You can view Irnakk's blog here:

Question Types

I would give several clues for the community to guess the minifigure's identity. Most likely the minifigure is unique, and produced after 2009. If you're lucky, I might even include a hint! Mr.Gold

Question 1

  • I have a very, very special head.
  • I appear in a subtheme of a classic theme, in the theme's last wave in 2010.
  • I appear in one set.
  • I am made out of 4 parts(excluding accessories, if any)
  • I am the big boss.


    • Note the repeated use of very. How could a minifigure head be more special than a special head?
    • Classic themes include Castle, Space, Pirates.

Answer: Brick Daddy

Winner: Korppufin!

Question 2

  • I am a very special figure, due to the fact that I appear over a span of 3 years, over 2 different themes.
  • I do wear a eyepiece.
  • I have three different variations.
  • I am very brainy. ;)


    • If someone is very brainy, what occupation would he/she be in?
    • If this is too hard to guess, tell me in the comments section below and I'll make this easier!

Answer: Brains from Power Miners and Atlantis

Winner: CzechMate!

Question 3

  • I am, like the previous two, a very special figure.
  • My name is very formal, and so am I.
  • I am made out of 4 pieces(excluding possibly unknown accessories)


NONE! See if you can crack this is one! >:D

Answer: Mr Gold!

Winners:Korppufin and CzechMate!!

Question 4

  • I am mysterious, and my identity has been speculated for some time.
  • I am the main character in the second and third wave, with four different variations released officially.
  • Remember the number 5?
  • The theme I appear in has been running for three years.

Hints!(I'm afraid I'll make this easier)

    • Note the tense...(past or present?)

Answer: The green ninja! Lloyd Garmadon!

Winner: ErkelonJay and TheBakonBitz!!

Question 5

  • I am a licenced minifigure(about time I include one in this blog!)
  • I have two variations, one which is released before 2009.
  • I cannot stand on my own unless on studs, and require the use of a transparent piece.
  • I give out cold.
  • Wooooooo.........


    • This minifigure does not include any normal minifigure parts except the head.

Winner: ?


Any comments and critics are welcome, even encouraged!

Omega X

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