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Caption Contest 2

C.C.2 Hm...since there has been only ONE vote (by BrickFilmNut), I decided to do the judging on my own. There has been a second and third place award added from Caption Contest 2 onwards. So here are the winners: (Congratulations everybody!!)

First position: AwesomeKnight1234

Since he is got the only vote, he got the first position!


Winner of Caption Contest!
This award signifies that you have won Omega X.23's Caption Contest!


Omega X.23

His entry: Santa: "Why do you guys keep dressing up in those Smurf suits? GET IN YOUR ELF SUITS NOW!"

Congratulations AwesomeKnight1234!

Second position: TIE-Agent Charge, BrickfilmNut and SuperSpyX

Precisely the reason why I decided to do a voting event! So much great and humorous entries, how should I judge?

Santa: Hurumph! What's this mess doing in my office? By Agent Charge

Santa: "So, you thought you could fool around with the Hats department without being noticed?" By BrickfilmNut

Santa: You two broke my crystal ball! How am I gonna see who's naughty and who's nice?? No candy canes for a week! By SuperSpyX

They shall all receive this award:

Template:Omega X.23/cc2nd

Congratulations Agent Charge, BrickfilmNut and SuperSpyX!

Third position: Dachoppa3

After pondering over it for a while, I decided that the third position should go to Dachoppa3.

"Santa, we're going one strike. We won't make anymore toys until you double our annual salary." By Dachoppa3

He shall receive this award:

Template:Omega X.23/cc3rd

Congratulations Dachoppa3!

Participation Award

All others shall receive this award:


Caption Contest Participation!
This signifies that you have participated in Omega X.23's Caption Contest! Thank you very much for your participation and good luck next time!

Omega X.23

Thank you everyone for participating!!!

More coming soon!!(judging of Caption Contest 3 and Caption Contest 4)

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