Welcome to Omega X.23's personal update for November!


As some of you may know by now, I've become a chat moderator! Thank you everybody for your support and for those who've voted oppose and/or neutral, I will take your suggestions such as gathering more experience on this wiki. Thanks everyone again! :)

Custom Update

Recently I've started to make more customs on LDD after a (long/short) break. Here are my planned customs. For more information you can also check out my other customs on my custom template in my signature.

  • Alien Conquest Second Wave
  • New Time Travelling Theme
  • Ninjago Advert Calendar
  • Celestial Clock(Ninjago) **I NEED HELP!!!!**
  • Winter Village ####### (Must only be revealed during December)
  • Ninjago Ultrabuilds

Feel free to suggest a custom for me to make!


The Mummy(Monster Fighters) Please also check out my first review here on Brickipedia: The Mummy (Monster Fighters). More reviews coming soon! Comments and critics are strongly welcome too!


Well, that's all for now! Thanks for reading my personal update!


Omega X.23

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