Well well well, Caption Contests 4 and 5 have ended, with Caption Contest 6 coming soon! I'm proud to present to you, the winners for these contests!

Let's start with the latest first!

Caption Contest 5

Review Shell 176

1st Position: User: CzechMate

Congratulations goes to Czechmate for winning Caption Contest 5!

His entry:

"You called that a car!? Where is the driver supposed to sit?"

2nd Position: User: Irnakk

Congratulations Irnakk for coming in second for the contest!

His entry:

"Hey! The evil stud took my car! :O "

3rd Position: User:ErkelonJay

A round of applause to ErkelonJay for coming in third in this contest! Congratulations!

His entry:

World Racers guy: I never said I was going to race against MIDGETS! Black Cape guy: Uhhh... sorry. I don't think I was paying size attention when I built this.

=Caption Contest 4

C.C.C. 4

1st Position: User: Cligra

Great entry Cligra! Very humorous indeed! Thus, he won Caption Contest 4! Congratulations Cligra!

His entry:

"Augh! Where'd that banana peel come from?!"

2nd Position: User:BrickfilmNut

Another great and funny entry! Something I had in mind when photographing this! Congratulations BrickfilmNut for winning second place in this contest!

His entry:

Palpatine: There's no way Lucas can justify this change to the prequel trilogy!"

3rd Position: TIE--User:Darth Henry AND User:TAHU9908

Congratulations to both Darth Henry and TAHU9908 for tie-ing in third place!

Darth Henry's entry:

Palpatine- "I QUIT. No matter how much you pay me, I refuse to wear this impractical, uncomfortable, ugly costume!"

TAHU9908's entry:

Palpatine: "I hate workout day!"

Congratulations to all winners!!

Please note:

  • The results for Caption Contest 3 will be revealed soon, due to the lack of time.
  • Caption Contest 6 will be up and running soon! Do not miss it!
  • The prizes will be given out to all winners soon, please wait patiently
  • A big THANK YOU to all participating users! Thanks for your participation!


Omega X

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