Hello everybody!! Welcome to the 'Lego Collectable Minifigures Series 9 Guessing Game' game show, hosted by Omega X! The rules are as follows...

  • List your possible Series 9 minifigures in the comments section below!
  • Wait for Lego's official announcement!
  • The award will be awarded to the user who guessed the most amount of minifigures correctly!

*Bonus points will be awarded to the user who guesses the color of the packaging correctly!

Awards(I decided to create a participation to thank everyone):

Series 9 Guessing Contest Winner!
This award signifies that you have won Omega X.23's Series 9 Guessing Contest! Great job and congratulations!

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Omega X.23


Series 9 Guessing Contest Participation!
This signifies that you have participated in Omega X.23's Series 9 Guessing Contest! Thank you very much for your participation!

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Omega X.23

My guesses Not counted as an entry, of course:(Color: Dark Green)

  • Toymaker with recolored toy robot head
  • Evil red genie with black lamp and lightning(new piece)
  • Groom with hat/hair combo and silver LOTR ring
  • Ancient Chinese Scholar with grey Kimono girl hair, Gandalf the Grey's beard and scroll(new piece) AND artist's paintbrush
  • More inspiration coming soon!

Current guesses:

  • Klagoer

Comment:Like Series 8 was a repeat almost of Series 1, Series 9 will probably be an almost repeat of Series 2.

  • Czechmate(Color: Purpley-pink)
    • Mail-man (sack, mail piece, mail uniform, hat, and tired face)
    • Frankenstein's Monster's Bride (Bellatrix wig, and flowers)
    • Doctor
    • Red team soccer player (red, with more red, and maybe a new ball piece?)
    • Groom (top hat, tux)
    • Aboriginal (spear, fish, dastan's hair in black)
    • Aztec Priests (with human skull, reuse of ancient thespian collar, cape, funny head piece, etc)
    • Knight (silver, dr. rodney like face, sword, armour, helmet)
    • Farmer
    • Ballerina (reuse of tiara head piece, new piece between legs and torso)
    • Female police officer
    • Ice guy, with hood, and sort of warm clothes, etc)
    • School boy (bag, hat, book and freckle face :P)
    • Headless horseman
    • Female spy
    • Princess

  • Darth Henry(Color: Green):
    • Scientist
    • Movie Actor
    • Vetinarian
    • Tourist
    • Bride of Frankenstein
    • Groom
    • Pizza Delivery man
    • Politician
    • Ghost
    • Chemist
    • Book Author
    • Ancient King
    • Lion Suit Guy
    • Secret Agent
    • Botanist
    • Construction Worker

  • NightblazeSaber(Color: Purple)
    • Magician's Assistant
    • Retro Dancer Girl
    • Gamer
    • Basketball Player
    • Elf (female)
    • Horse Suit Guy
    • Keyboardist
    • Ancient Roman
    • Spy (female)
    • Grocery Store Worker
    • Nebula Patrol (recoloured Galaxy Patrol)
    • Groom
    • Someone in a turban. Comment:(not sure what they'd be, I just get the feeling we're going to see a turban)
    • Warrior Mage
    • Security Guard
    • Medical Intern

  • DCcomicsFan(Color: Dark Green)
    • Army Soldier
    • Astronaut
    • Basket Ball Player
    • Female Ninja
    • Female Race Car Driver
    • Firefighter
    • Ghost
    • King
    • Mayor
    • Mermaid
    • Ship Captain
    • Soldier Admiral
    • Spy
    • Supervillain
    • Police Officer
    • Wizard

  • Berrybrick
    • Ballerina

Good luck!

Cheers, Omega X.23

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