Well, after contributing to the new blog section for quite some time now, I decided to start a unofficial news blog, hoping that I could do a official one in the future.

World MORE 2013 rumors!World

Well, rumors are flowing out from various sources at a rapid pace nowadays! Legends of Chima, Lone Ranger, Modular Cinema and much much more!

The current long list of news is as follows:

  • Licenced theme:
    • Lone Ranger
    • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    • Star Wars(the list is very long)
    • Super Heroes
  • Modular Building
    • Cinema! :D
  • Original theme(s)
    • Galaxy Quest
    • Legends of Chima
    • City(Museum robbery)
    • Ninjago(Golden Ninja, Golden Dragon, Garmatron)


World LEGOland Malaysia officially opened!World

This's big news! :)

Source/More infomation:[2]

<center>50px Series 8 minifigures available in Singapore!50px

Finally! Series 8 is now available! Horray! :D

<center>50px 1st LUGSing Bazaar50px

It's just over! During my visit there, I saw a lot of rare sets including Cloud City, the old Batman, Aquaradiers, Dino Attack and much more!


World Exclusive minifigure with LEGO City undercover video gameWorld

Like all other video games that LEGO releases, this video game also comes with a exclusive minifigure-Chase McCain

World Glow-in-the-dark alarm clocks, anyone?World

Lego has released a lot of alarm in the past. But these are Glow-in-the-dark!


Please feedback from this news blog. It's my first time attempting a news blog, and won't be the last.


Omega X

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