As I promised, this blog post will be about Monster Fighters. new hobby is to make custom Monster Fighters sets via LDD. I've made several for now( Custom: Vampyre Chariot, Custom: The Frozen Peak etc..), so I thought it is time to share my future plans.

All the sets that follow are from the second wave of Monster Fighters. The third wave sets are still in prototype stage.

Monster Fighters

  • Ruin Rampage
  • Chaos at the Cutlass Cove
  • Mine Maniac
  • Tick Tock
  • Monster Fighters HQ( A BIG set)
  • TBA Exclusive set


The sets above are listed according to size. The content can be deduced from the names(for some). To avoid confusion, here are the contents:

  • Ruin Rampage-Ruin with traps
  • Mine Maniac-something like Mines of Moria
  • Tick Tock-Vampyre's battle ship with Monster Fighters chasing
  • Monster Fighters HQ-the name says all, right?
  • TBA Exclusive set-well, its TBA!


So..any suggestions? Any suggestions and ideas are welcome!


Omega X.23

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