Hello and welcome to the update of Us as Minifigures. Yes, I know that there has been a few months delayed, I apologise for that.

My apologies

My sincerest apologies about the unfortunate delay. It was partially caused by me not able to dig out some pieces(I haven't found them yet). Anyway, (finally) here is Batch 1

P.S.: Sorry Knight, your figure will have to wait

Batch 1

Thegreengrappler, Irnakk, SilverLego and Legoboy9373

  • Thegreengrappler
  • SilverLego
  • Legoboy9373
  • Irnakk


Batch 2 and 3 are finished! Here are some teasers...

Can you match them to the figures in Batch 2 and 3?

P.S.: Batch 2 and 3 are not complete. I did not have enough time to photograph them yet.

Also, a bonus figure...


Who is this?

Another thing, I can still take requests...

Omega X

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