Well, after seeing NuffSaid1995's blog, I became inspired to do something like that.

So, let's start with me first!

Omega Sigfig


  • Choice of torso, cape and bowler hat: I'm a formal person
  • Staff: Signifies my interest in LEGO
  • Laptop: Signifies my interest/addiction to Brickipedia :D

So...I will be able to take requests from you guys. Please state how you want your minifigure too be like. Five requests will make a batch. Thank you.

Batch 1:

EDIT: Batches 1 and 2 confirmed.

    • Batch 1: Thegreengrappler, Awesomeknight1234, Irnakk, SilverLego and Legoboy9373.
    • *PLEASE NOTE FOR BATCH 1: Kingpinn2, sorry I don't really understand your request. Please state your request again. Thank you. You shall be moved to Batch 1. My apologies,
    • Batch 2:ComicRus, Darth henry, CzechMate, DCcomicsFan and Wertys761.
    • *PLEASE NOTE FOR BATCH 2:Wertys761, please state how you want your minifigure to be like. Thank you. ComicRus will be moved to Batch 2.
    • Batch 3(completed) :Legoindy7734, CM4S, LSCStealthNinja, LazerzSoH and BackToTheFuturama86LazerzSoh, please state how you want your minifigure to be like).


Omega X

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