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  • OtterSurf

    Hi everyone, me again. Does anyone know the release dates for sets like the Fury-class interceptor and the Striker starfighter? I've asked LEGO but they're clearly not willing to spill anything. The info out there is real hazy right now and I can't get a straight answer from any source.

    Muck in with your info if you have some!

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  • OtterSurf

    Ultimate Space Battle

    March 4, 2012 by OtterSurf

    Hi all! Who, like me, would love to see a re-relase of Ultimate Space Battle with the new 9494-style Jedi Interceptors, and a new R4-P17 figure? That'd be brill, right?

    Your opinions, please!

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  • OtterSurf

    Hi all! Ooh, my first blog! Anyway, who else is excited about 2012? 2011 was... alriiight, I guess, but 2012... wow. Battle packs and CW sets aside, we've got some amazing TIES and X-wings coming up - some with new droids! R5 units FTW!!!

    Seriously though, I'd love to hear your opinions. Send 'em in!

    Remember, nothing derogatory.

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