New Bludhaven Title

Dick Grayson has fought along Batman he has just about had enough of being rejected, he wants to be his own hero now, he's sick of getting mis-treated "Go find another Robin, Bruce. I'm sick of being rejected!" Bruce tried to carm Richard. "Dick, carm down. If you want to go I'll have a ticket to Bludhaven ordered." Richard had carmed down and thinking 'should I do this?' and he said to Bruce "Fine, I'll take your ticket!" then when Dick was getting his bags and walking out Bruce shouted to Dick, "Dick!, Take your suit!" Richard catched the suit and smiled at Bruce for the last time, Bruce smiled back. 1 more minute Dick was in the Plane off to Bludhaven, he thought about his mum and dad, and how disappointed they would be. Then he went asleep ... He woke up in the middle of a Plane Crash, "May-day, May-day!" the pilot shouted in to the headphone. Richard walked to the pilots area, "Sir, do you need some help?". The pilot nodded at Richard. Richard took control of the Aircraft, it went up. Everyone was releaved, "First time flying kiddo?" Richard asked the pilot, he just nodded. Richard now knew they we're going to have a safe flight, he talked into the Microphone "Everyone remain carm, we are going to be fine." Richard smiled at the Pilot, the Pilot nodded back at him. The passangers cheered on the Plane, Richard felt responsable now, he felt good for once in his life since his Mother and Fathers death. He bought his bag into the Pilots area and asked the Pilot "Whats your name?" the Pilot told him "Jason Todd." he said. Richard thought to himself 'he could be a great Robin one day.' Richard asked again "Do you have any relatives or family members?" Jason replied "Family Members?" Richard looked shocked and said "Never mind, it wasn't an inportant question anyway

You can make your comics of Custom: LEGO Bludhaven on:

  • 1: LDD
  • 2: Physical

I'll be starting the Story with Dick Grayson going to Bludhaven ...

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