Part 1: Starling News


Note: Sorry about the Black Lump, it's my Mum's Cat.

  • I turn on the computer and read the news on Yahoo. I see a there is a new protector in Star City called "the Vigilante".
  • Barry: Oh, I must find this guy?
  • Police Officer: You muttering to yourself again Barry?
  • Barry: Yes!, Have you seen the Starling City news today?
  • Police Officer: Yeah?, What about it?
  • I jump off of my seat and race to the Police Officer.
  • Barry: It's about 'The Vigilante'. You see I must fi ...
  • Police Officer: Barry you need to sit down and think. Is this guy a threat to you or my friends or even my family?
  • Barry: Oh please don't start with the story again ...
  • Police Officer: You know, I'm an Officer, I'm not a Commissioner or a Detective like Batman but I have to do my job. But you Barry Allen need to think like you're a Scientist, and yes!, I do know you are one ..
  • Barry: You know what, I'm not going to listen to this long winded story. So I'm just going to go back to work. Okay?
  • Police Officer: Yeah that would be a good idea.
  • I walk back up to my study area and keep studying 'The Vigilante'.

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