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    Free Lego Avatars!

    April 3, 2011 by Percabeth17

    Hey it's Percabeth and I will accept requests for a LEGO avatar! If I don't find what you want, i'll ask you again. Rules: ∗It will take at least two days to make ∗If you do not follow directions below, I will not make you one

    Fill out the directions below in your comments:

    1. Describe how you want your hair to be and color 2. Describe your face 3. Skin color [Skip this if you just want yellow] 4. Hats [Optional] 5. Describe your shirt color and pattern 6. Cape color[Long or short, and it's optional] 7. Scarf color[Optional] 8. Color of sleeves, long or short? 9. Claw color [Optional] 10. Two things to put in your hands 11. Pants color and pattern

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