Hey guys. Here's the new info for Lego Super Heroes in 2013. For DC, it looks like The Dark Knight Rises set is really going to happen because months ago the Super Heroes page said there was going to be at least 1 set based off The Dark Knight Rises. But it got taken down so I thought it wasn't going to happen. But when Comic-Con came, Brickapedia had a bunch of new minifigs pictures, including the movie Batman, Bane, and Commissioner Gordon, it is gonna happen. Brickapedia also says there might be another Superman set based off of his new movie next year: "Man of Steel". And Aquaman since there making a minifig of him might have a set from what i read but know it's on the "TBA 2" page. Next year for DC, Lego's bringing back Mr. Freeze, The Penguin, and the Scarecrow. There's suppose to be making set(s) on Batman: Arkham City. So pretty cool stuff is happening for DC next year. Next, my favorite: Marvel. Lego has announced that there making sets based off Iron Man 3 next year. The cool part is that War Machine will be in Iron Man 3 and hope that they make a minifig of War Machine. Since the movie comes out in May, the sets will probably come out in April, like the Avengers. Also another excited thing is that Spider-Man's Doc Ock Ambush (which comes out August 1st and will be a Lego/Wal-Mart exclusive) won't be the only Spider-Man set in Super Heroes. There's going to be another or more sets. With new minifigs! Lego is bringing back J. Jonah Jameson, their finally making a Nick Furry, plus other cool minifigs: Nova, Doctor Doom, Venom, and the Beetle! So Marvel gonna be awesome next year. Thanks for Reading!

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