Custom Cadets F12 Army RGI Division

Primary Objective

Our object is to create good customs, to complete custom infoboxes, and give lessons out to to build a certain style. This is not the place to point out how good your customs are.


Uniform Colour:
Blog facilitator (CzechMate)- Cadet Officer
130 points - Prime Minister 95 points, with at least one Featured Custom- Supreme General
70 points- General
55 points- Lieutenant
35 points- Commander
20 points- Captain
10 points- Officer
5 points- Senior Brigade
3 points- Junior Brigade
1 point- Custom Cadet 0 points- Shoe-shiner

Rank Insignia

Squares are given out for the amount of customs you have made, and what class they are by the QCC (Quality Custom Controllers).

- Awarded for 2 Featured Custom. Value: 25 points.
- Awarded for 1 Featured Custom. Value: 15 points.
- Awarded for every 10 customs. Value: 10 points.
- Awarded for every 5 customs. Value: 2 points.
- Awarded for 3 customs. Value: 1 points.

Signing Up/Reporting

  • To sign up, simply let me know you want to join in the comments section below.
  • To report an article, also leave a comment below, and please link to your changes to the article if possible.
  • Simply successfully nominating an article for Featured Custom status does not get you any award, you have to actually have made the custom yourself.
  • For every 20 custom minifigures with prints you made, you get a a ♣ worth 15 points
  • Every custom theme you make a set for is one point
  • You can only report 10 customs a week to prevent excessive nominations.
  • Each custom must have it's infobox sorted out, and not be stub customs, or customs that aren't approved.
  • Each custom must be marked with an "approved" green tick, of which Quality Custom Moderators will put on each page soon. Both of the owners are members of the QCM.


Cadet Officer/Supreme General 95 CzechMate
Captain 31 NightblazeSaber
General 80 LSCStealthNinja
Captain 32 Power Jim
Junior Brigade 4 Captain Jag
Junior Brigade 4 Darth henry
Officer 13 Clone gunner commander jedi
Shoe-Shiner 0 Awesomeknight1234
Shoe-Shiner 0 Irnakk
Custom-Cadet 1 Hunterkiller1440

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