Hello everyone, lately I've been brainstorming many Customs I want to build on LDD. Similar to my Custom:Seatron Mocs, which I've done lately. Anyway, due to the ammount of ideas I've been coming up with I thought I might make it fun for all of you to have a voting poll on what you would like to see me create next...

Idea 1: Bot-Brawlers it is a custom theme I thought a while ago. However, I'm still planning things for it, but the theme will likely be a mix between Exo-Force, World Racers and the Mad Max trilogy. So basicly the background being giant exo-machines fighting eachother in a post-apocolyptic world.

Idea 2: Power Miners:Icy Resurrection, incase you don't know, I'm a fan of Underground Lego themes. So, I'm deciding to make an Ice subtheme of Power Miners only because there was so little they explained in there last official wave of Power Miners and there were many rumours of what would happen if the theme was continued. Also yes, there will be a detailed plot if I release this and I'll probably have a little help from my friends from the Power Miners wiki and this subtheme will include Icemonsters, incase you were asking yourself.

Idea 3: Seatron 2 I'm thinking about making Seatron 2. However, I'm still working on my first one in Brickipedia Customs. So if this choice wins it will be a while until I start production on this. I also have many ideas for this sequel of Seatron, but even if this doesn't win, I'll still make a Seatron sequel after I finished the winning voted project/idea that isn't Seatron.

Idea 4: 007, not too long ago, I finished watching all 23 James Bond films. Also there's a 50th anniversary James Bond film coming out later this year and I thought a good idea was to make a few sets off previous James Bond films. Despite me disliking custom licensed themed Mocs most of the time, I felt this would be a better time then any to make some James Bond custom sets. Due to all the stuff happening with the franchise this year.

Voting will conclude on 30th January and all votes afterwards will be invalid

The Poll

What Moc should I make next?

The poll was created at 07:50 on January 9, 2012, and so far 13 people voted.


Most of these ideas I'l hopefully make, but I simply wanted to ask you what one should I first and as always, feel free to comment below! :)

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