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World LEGOLAND Malaysia now open! World


Source(s): LEGOLAND Malaysia

Author:Power Jim

The title says it all! On the 15th of September, the first LEGOLAND theme park to be released in Asia opened the doors to the public and received good reviews.

World Even more 2013 rumours! World

Source(s): German Toy Shop Brickset

Author:Power Jim

Rumours for next year's Ninjago, TECHNIC, Hero Factory, Friends sets and more have been listed on a German Toy Shop website not too long ago. Sounds like we can expect some interesting stuff!

World Christmas Polybags World


Source(s): Click-a-Brick

Author:Power Jim

Images for this year's three Christmas polybags ( 40033 Turkey, 40034 Christmas Train and 40035 Rocking Horse) have been revealed.

World 50 years of LEGO in Singapore World

Source(s): LEGO Singapore

Author:Power Jim

Happy 50th anniversary of LEGO Singapore!

Special thanks

  • In conclusion, I'd like to thank User:Omega X.23 for reporting on the 50th anniversary of LEGO Signapore and some of the 2013 rumours news.

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