Total Meltdown


Rookies Will Furno, Natalie Breez and Mark Surge


Stop Meltdown before his sends a Power Plant into Meltdown.

Breez's Log:

This mission was a tough one. I wasn't just protecting the nearby city's from the explosion. I was protecting nature as well. See I have a 'link' to nature, and a nuclear explosion would damage the environment. Anyway, we searched the power plant for Meltdown. Furno was concentrating hard and was clearly trying to find Meltdown. Whereas Surge wasn't concentrating at all, he was whistling loudly banging his feet on the ground annoyingly. "Will you stop that!" I exploded. "What?" Surge asked, but I had a feeling he knew what I meant. "We should split up." Furno broke in. "That way we'll have a better chance of finding Meltdown." "We can't." I said, a bit harsher than it should of been. "We need to fight him together." "What's the matter, Natalie?" Surge taunted. "Afraid you can't beat Meltdown without us?" "I'll get you for that!" "You wouldn't dare." "Cut it out!" Furno said. "We need to be fighting are enemy's, not each other." "Fine." I said, then I walked off.

After a while I managed to find Meltdown on my own. I quickly called the guys for help then went to confront Meltdown. "Hey!!!" I shouted. "Over here?" "Hero," Meltdown hissed. "Prepare to watch this Power Plant go into Meltdown." "Not if I can help it." I threw my boomerangs at him but he was too fast. He grabbed me with his tentacle and threw me across the room. "You cannot defeat me, Hero." He hissed. He walked over to the controls but before he could do anything he was hit by a blast of electricity. Then I saw Surge and Furno standing at the entrance. This time it was Furno's turn to make a stand, he shot a blast of fire at Meltdown. I got up and put the Hero cuffs on him before he could do anything else. "Nice job." Furno congratulated "Both of you." Then we began to walk to the ship.

That night I decided against putting a bug in Surge's sleeping pod. After all he did save my life. Today was another success for us Rookies, and hopefully there are many more to come.

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