• PreferPigs

    I just uncovered some breaking news, on User blog:Saburo954/Brickipedia Fantastic Four Auditions.

    U know saburo954, u love him. U may not know Macy6459 but here is some news I found in comments

    Macy and Saburo are siblings?!?! Is this real?! Like BOUP?!! WHO ELSE KNOWS WHAT MIGHT COME?! THEY MIGHT HAVE ANOTHER SIBLING!!!!

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  • PreferPigs

    No Custom Yet

    May 21, 2013 by PreferPigs

    I won't make custom just yet, I will just leave it alone with other customs like that one about the Wiki. Some customs might come into real form, I saw one about Raphael from TMNT and Agent Phil Coulson from LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and such. I do have a plan, to make Lego City sets for places like Vinnie Pappalardo's shop and Barry Smith's dojo. Updates Soon! ~Chip/Merry

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