Welcome to my fifth Brickipedia community blog, about this weeks forums, user rights requests, blogs, chat bans and much more.

NHL rumours

At the start of this week some crazy rumours where spread about one of the most unlikely person. To avoid bringing them back to life I'll make a long story short, it was all the work of former user SKD/tat/micromobs ECT.

Per NBS?

Like most events here all the fun happens to one user a week. And this week's been no exception with after the rumours nighthawkleader changed his name to NightblazeSaber. I have no issues with the name but I doubt we'll ever get used to saying per NBS.

Blog post restrictions?

A new forum started by Jagger asking for new restrictions on what blog posts can actually be.


This weeks only seen one request for user rights as Legosuperheroesfan requested to be admin, enough said.

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