Bricki watch

This is my first weekly blog, rounding up the goings on in the Brickipedian community. Firstly I'd just like to say, no this is nothing like the news blog, this is about brickipedia and not just lego. Secondly if their is anything on here that you find hurtful/insulting please just ask me to take it down instead of creating a big fuss.

The latest craze

If there's one thing that the blogs do, is start crazes. We all know them, editing armies, competitions, RPG sign ups. And I believe a new one has arisen. Rants. I've seen an increasing number of these recently, with knight's castle blog, CM4S's CUSSOO one and CP's double one and most of them include "but there's more to come". Now don't get me wrong we've had ranters here since this was made and no doubt until it ends.

Czech Mate forum

As a large proportion of you don't check the forum's I'll bring you up to date on the latest hot topic. Now I doubt this will be around for long before it's taken down (for obvious reasons) so get your word in quickly!

Mod applicants

Finally an end to a long list of unsuccessful mod applications, but in no way is the drama over! This week has seen the first nomination of Br1ck animat0r (thanks to LSC) but it all ended in tragedy yesterday as it was closed due to canversing which is asking people to vote for you. Ohhh and 1999bug has been nominated for adminship by WCDDoherty which is sinking fast so get in there fast before it goes!

Chat bans

Lastly I'd just like to round up on this weeks chat bans. Firstly with Lumino66 who is banned for swearing and being annoying by czech mate. Of course we know about the controversial ban of CGCJ which happened this morning so we won't dwell on that. Uncharted 3 was banned on Wednesday for spamming. Lastly with Clove District 2 Female who was banned around an hour ago for saying the F-Bomb quite a lot but is only banned for one week whereas clones banned for two for.....

CM4S's "permanent" chat ban

I have added the speech marks as he has had this before which I have got uplifted but he is banned again for spamming. But in addition, language, rudeness, personal attacks, inapropraite links, and general trolling by Cligra.

Time for some quality in the Quality Check Group?

In the past 8 months an increasing number of these forums have been opened, but never closed because it's rating is undecided. Half of them haven't even been edited in the past month! Surely all these admins and the cream of the brickipedians can decide if an articles bad or not, how hard could it be?

Any way thanks for reading and please leave any comments or quires you have ↓↓↓↓↓

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