Welcome to my forth Brickipedia community blog, about this weeks forums, user rights requests, blogs, chat bans and much more.

The trilogy of the penguin

This weeks seen even more penguin related drama which has snugly fitted itself into a nice little trilogy.

Crohns strikes back

At the start of this week CP had to go into hospital for an operation thanks to his crohns. But thanks to the good surgeons down under he's survived. Now leaving the points at brickipedia 2: crohns 0.

The attack of the Rfa

The second part was that his Rfa adminship was actually rejected surprising and shocking all the brickipedia peasants.

Death of a penguin

Now at the end of the week after a stressful couple of days he has left the bricki. Lets hope that he'll rejoin soon.

Willing users

A new forum has opened to create a page in which users can sign up for certain jobs helping people.

Double brick ban

This is just something I wanted to point out that I noticed on the chat ban logs. Apparently User:Mr.Brick was banned on Monday for a week by CP and again on Tuesday by Bob bricks?

My partial inactivity

I just wanted to take this opitunity to say that from this point I shall be a lot more inactive for a few months, solely due to my GCSE's (for you Americans they're large and of school examinations) I will still be on chat and be able to write this but will need help meaning you all will have to bring me up to date with the weeks activity. On a better note from the 19th of June onwards I will be mega super ultra active.


Agent swipe has been nommed for admin but has more opposes than supports which shall mean that it should me closed in a week or so being unsuccessful. This weeks seen the third chat nomination of SSX, but due to the reason he was demodded it is going down hill.

Chat bans

Lair of Rockwhales was banned by cligra for language on Saturday for a week. Greenninja1 was banned by CP for lang on Saturday for a week. Mr.Brick was banned by CP for PA's and caps on Monday for a week. Kindlekid was banned by bug for lang and spamming on Tuesday for 3 weeks. THEWIKIGI was banned by CP again for spam and lang on Tuesday for a week. Cheeze421 was banned by CP yet again for the big three, lang, troll and spamming on Thursday for 2 weeks. LegomanoN was banned by CP for spam on Wednesday for 3 days. Tigerstar2 was banned by Cligra for spam yesterday for a week. Gamewolf66 was banned by brick bobby for being underage today for 2 years. Donaldduckatti313 was banned by Brick bobby for being underaged today for 2 years. Ussnissnar was banned by me today for spam for a week.

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