I believe I have discovered the whereabouts of the not so fictional realm of morcia, and I live there. What lead me to this monumental discovery was the fact that the castle which awesomeknight supposedly lives is called beeston castle. Which is a real castle in Cheshire . I then checked the two locations of the two beestons, and what would you know THEY MATCHED!!

Beeston is circled in red.

So after this I decided to check if any where else here was real, when I noticed that the map of morcia shows striking similarities to Cheshire.
778px-Cheshire UK location map.svg


This now really got the ball rolling, and I started noticing that locations started to match, Liverpool is Ankoria, Wirral is that little peninsular with the two watchtowers and the big castle Aldendan actually matches up with the town where I live, they've actually called the north of it the moorlands which again matches up. Now I know that they weren't basing an imaginary kingdom of Cheshire and it's simply just an awesome coincidence. But it's an awesome coincidence that I can rub in knights face!
Flipped morcia

Flipped version, now compare it with cheshire.

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