I found an old Mensa book the other day and it made me think, now which group of people do I know will really love having their IQ tested and being really challenged. Unfortunately as an autistic this online group of teenage lego fans is the only group of people I know. If you do enjoy these puzzles (or even solve them) then tell me and I can put some more on.

Puzzle 1

If Ais to Mensa B. Then Mensa C is to either to DD, EMensa E, FF, GG or HH?

Puzzle 2

One cold winter morning Jane was walking down a narrow country lane. On either side of the lane there were four houses. Jane noticed that each house had a different-coloured front door and different-coloured cars parked in the driveways. Outside one of the houses she noticed a man standing in the garden. He was well dressed with a hat and a scarf to keep him warm. She waved at the gentlemen and shouted "Hello!" and he smiled at her. Later that day when she cam back along the lane she noticed the man again. She waved to him and said, "It certainly is getting warmer, it doesn't feel as cold as it was this mourning." The gentlemen smiled at her and she went on her way, counting the cars that passed her as she went. The next day when Jane went down the lane she noticed the man had gone. Where?


  1. He had not gone inside the house or any other house.
  2. He had not walked down the lane in any direction.
  3. He had not driven away in a car.

Puzzle 3

Which of these is the odd one out? 2A,2B,2C,2Dor2E?

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