ooooooo noooooooo Iv let the tumble beasts out and now there out there on another wiki. Search though my profile pages on different wikis to try and find them. The one who finds the most will win, my last contests still open and I havnt sorted out my trophey thing so if any ones good with templates your help will be much appricated, what are you waiting for get out there and find those beasts before they destroy the whole of wikia! But the one on my page here DOESN'T COUNT because he's my pet.


First beast found by Bob bricks here, 8 left!!

Tb sign1

Second found here by Br1ck animat0r,7 left!!!

Tb sign2

third little beast captured by Br1ck animat0r over at, still 6 left!!!!


This little beast was found at by our very own Darth henry, 5 still out there!!!!!


This collection was captured by Br1ck animat0r at, ONLY 4 LEFT!!!!!!


Another fantastic catch by Br1ck animat0r over at, Last 3 still need to be caught!!!!!!!


Really Br1ck animat0r why hog all the beasts, found here, fear not for 2 are still left!!!!!!!

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