I've just seen about another 5 army editing blogs that to be honest will come to nothing, I see the point in blogs that every one that get involved in like competitions but people have gone crazy with editing army's. yes when people like cligra and nighthawk leader make them people will join because they are high ranking respected members of the community but when people like me do it make one who aren't high up here try to get every one editing, even though they aren't particualy special, with the same old layout when the only reward is gaining the respect of someone who are actually only cadets themselves in this metaphorical army of Brickipeadia. And why do you even need a award or appreciation at all, this is an encyclopaedia, with the aim to inform and enlighten, if you want appreciation then you wont find any here if your looking for it. In my opinion we should take a feature that's actually damaging the wiki, the badges, they encourage people to look for appreciation and have distracted people from editing properly by just putting in pointless links just to get a badge and make them fell special. Also I reckon we should have proper armies and have some wars but I havnt worked it out yet, so keep a look out for my amazing hypocritical army with pineapple and other brightly coloured pixles and some other neat junk. so please comment below if you want to criticise me or say im being mean or suggest a way of having a war with out people trying to block me.

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