Alright. I understand. A lot of people are (and have been) "pissed off" over NINJAGO. But seriously. Get a grip. That includes you, Alec. Look, you all expected a "ninja" line. It was your fault for thinking that, deal with it. Basing your entire opinion on a line is a stupid idea and basing any and all further judgement on your own stupid hopes is your own stupid fault. If you want ninja, GO MAKE A MOC. You are not under any obligation to buy a LEGO set. Stop waiting for TLG to do everything for you. You want it, you make it, because you know TLG will never do it the exact way you want. Go ask the Rock Raiders fans, they'll tell you how they felt about Power Miners. (they had a reason to be upset, because it wasn't completely what they were "promised")

Now then, quit hating on NINJAGO. You want the ninjas to fight dragons? Pay attention to the story and build your own dumb dragon for the ninja to fight. You got your wish with Season 3, deal with it. And now aaaaaaaaall the hate regarding the '14 line. Give the actual sets a chance and stop judging them off of your own stupid idea you were hoping for. Granted, the hate towards Overborg Attack is somewhat justified, but at least take a look at the descriptions of the sets to find out the features before you rant on about the "push handle" that is actually intended for Cole's Mech to go on.

Seriously. Grow up. All of you.

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