I was thinking about lego and it has parts that can be used in Kre O Transformers lego.It though must transform and have the extra parts to change. These videos are the Transformers lego.Kre O lego can transform but needs the flexible parts,spinning parts and the robot lego parts but the right ones.You can't just grab some for they won't work.Lego needs to make a brand of lego that is meant to be Transformers and Kre 0 needs the parts and extra parts.Complicated for the names of these peices.It must snap together and snap apart properly taking some wear,can't be sensitive to break.Snap together and spread out and then to snap it and transform it.Puzzling for the peices names flexible joints,bendable parts and spinning parts needed to transform properly and to solidify around the flexible part so it does not peel off.Diagram and instructions.Right now we have Kre O.I must figure out from what I said and to order the right parts on it.But the parts must be compact and make the transformer compact when it changes.Modified part for Transformers and Robotech and Gundam.It will get too large and spread out and dangly.And it needs parts for its armaments.To build the cabin and transform it.But Transformers as Sentinel Prime change around and twist around the cabin to form on the back to give it the chest look of front of the hood,bumpers. is very complicated and is for my age group and my brothers.He does not know or has not got into lego being of older than parents age level.But lego is in our blood and we grew up with it.A myth that its childish happened and my brother is out of date.He does not know that lego is like computers.I need to get him into this and it will take time as he says he is busy.But I could get Faiyaz to do a turnaround and get into lego like from our father to have it handed down to saw lego and get into a brickyard for lego.Lego buissiness.Lego is much more ahead then what my age group thought and these European and US lego sets we never heard of and now Lego as Transformers but we need a proper set.Faiyaz could saw lego with a jigsaw to make the parts I need.My younger brother was very smart in lego and when we put our heads together we are really smart especially in this and lego now.We must put together by living closer in areas and then it will happen again for my brother and I to get into lego and solve it with our enginuity as I have a quality and he does.

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