Toy channel I think should exist as a channel based on the sciences of toys.And to have toys in cartoons as 3D models to toys for grown ups and concepts for toys.Toys for all ages and to show games all around the world and space with toys.The interest of toys.Toys as a wonder and history of toys.Show how mature and difficult toys are and popular toys history of boys popular toys and toys that have disappeared. Toys as the Transformers and more robot toys. The wonder of RC remote control battleships and the game of playing and rules.Toys in games and competition memberships and club houses.Toy Channel to have interest and info,background on toys of 70's,80's and 90's and 2000's toys.And how they are created.Old classic toys and how they are not masproduced anymore.Masproduction.Fan art.Artwork and relation to do with comics.And collections of toys and to get to the military toys. Employment and work and trade with toys.Age groups and the ones they think lose the toys the teens.After teens the grown ups and what they realize.The world of masonry and designing for toys and teaching about using wood working and craft to build a place to play the toys as the episodes.How do you have water when Transformers are not built for water and lose their stickers,not water proof.Then foam in a tub to immitate water,props.Voices of toys.Past time after work to compete with video games.And to do toys,play with them seriously with props built and bases from plastic with lights.Leisure time.World taken into the "Toy World" and its decades.Toys have evolved.Then toys and video games relations.Being cool I guess from teens but teens don't know to keep their toys because they'll want them decade later when they get bored.And spending toys,where it goes.Pricing of toys.Movie scale models.TV toy models.Games such as marbles,Ping Pong,get them physical from video games,board hockey.Cards.Board games.2 player games such as board hockey.Awesome matches to root for.Fantasy places of board hockey.Secrets of toys and their play.

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