Brickipedia Avengers 2 (From Left To Right)NEW

  • Meiko as Wolverine (Meiko doesn't have a Sig figure so I didn't know what face to use)
  • CM4S as Hawkeye
  • Soup as Ms. Marvel (originaly Black Widow, not Ms. Marvel, Soup)
  • RaceLord as Iron Man (my Mark 8)
  • Nuff as Hulk
  • Berry as Captain America
  • Knight as Thor
  • Bug as Spider-Man

Brickipedia Avengers (From Left To Right)OLD
Soup as Black Widow
Berry as Captain America
RaceLord as Iron Man (my Mark 8)
Nuff as Hulk
Knight as Thor
CM4S as Hawkeye
Bug as Spider-Man (only character not seen in Marvel's the Avengers)

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