Hey are a bunch of Sketches I made of users here on the wiki. Currently 15 users.

Before anyone askings, these are all made in LDD Developer Mode. You can add it to your LDD by going to the LDD Preferences and adding DeveloperMode=1. Then there will be a new thing at the top of LDD called "Developer", you need to hit "Toggle Physics Test" each time you enter LDD to do things like whats below.

NOTE! These are only ment for Comedy. If these are offensive to you, i'm sorry
Brickipedia Sketches 1
Knight stabs Nuff.
Brickipedia Sketches 2
"Its ok man, you have a extra one...... right?" -RaceLord. King Kahuka's Suit Is Pink After Returning From The Dry Cleaners.
Brickipedia Sketches 3
"Why do you have a sweater vest on? -Mr. Brix. "The girls love men in sweater vests." -Czech.
Brickipedia Sketches 4
"Sha-Lim-Gro Ro-Nah!" -Irnakk. Irnakk Turn Jeyo Into A Skeleton.
Brickipedia Sketches 5
"I'M FANTASTIC!" -Sibo. "Well I have four arms!" -DarthShlomo.
Brickipedia Sketches 6
"Its ok, this is a Camera, not a Rocket Launcher." -BrickFilmNut.
Brickipedia Sketches 7
"Is the yellow your skin?" -Nuff. "Maybe." -Czech.
Brickipedia Sketches 8
"Hey Bro!" -Jahchildren. "Hey!" -DarthShlomo.
Brickipedia Sketches 9
Brickipedia Sketches 10
"YOU!" -LEGOCyborg. "Hey!" -Jahchildren.
Brickipedia Sketches 11
"Fro-Sha-Mo-Ra! O-Tra-Kil-Ra!" -Irnakk. Irnakk Turns Cyborg's Hair Gray And Freezes His Arms And Legs.
Brickipedia Sketches 12
"What just happend?" -Sibo. "I don't know." -King Kahuka. Sibo And King Kaukua Returning From A Battle.
Brickipedia Sketches 13
"Fus-Ro-Da!" -Irnakk. Irnakk Using Unrelenting Force On Knight, Jeyo, And Korp.
Brickipedia Sketches 14
"Mr. Brix? you ok man?" -Korp. Korp Thinking C3-PO In A Suit Is Mr. Brix.
Brickipedia Sketches 15
"Why does Jeyo have such bad luck?" -BrickFilmNut. "I don't know dude." -Nuff. BrickFilmNut And Nuff Talking About Jeyo's Bad Luck When He Was Turned To Gold.
Brickipedia Sketches 16
"Like My New Armors?" -RaceLord. "Yeah." -Bug. RaceLord Showing Bug His New Armor Designs.
Brickipedia Sketches 17
"WHY DO YOU ALL HAVE THE SAME SHIRT AS ME! Even you Czech?" -RaceLord. RaceLord Yelling At Nuff, Bug, BrickFilmNut, Jahchildren, And Czech.

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