I may add a few more things to the Rules

Jan 16 2012, Weekly RaceLord Mini-Figure Contest, Ends Jan 23 2012


you can use LDD (Lego Digital Designer)

you can submit only 1 Mini-Figure

The Mini-Figure can be made out of any parts

The Mini-Figure can have Custom Weapons and Custom Gear

The Mini-Figure can not be like a Droideka

You may Paint your Mini-Figure as well

You can use stuff like Paint (Computer Program)but it needs to be really good (and i mite take a few points off)

You can give me 1 Picture or many Pictures of your Mini-Figure


If you get 1st you will get a Special Winner Badge
If you get 2nd you will get a Special 2nd Place Badge
If you get 3rd you will get a Special 3rd Place Badge
If you Lose you will get a Special Badge, even though you lost you entered

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