Welcome to My Sig Figures 1!

Look Below at the Sig Figures i have made of Many People on the Wiki

Making More Soon

Wave 1

SSX (RaceLord Wave 1)
Mythrun 1 (RaceLord Wave 1)
Mythrun 2 (RaceLord Wave 1)
Power Jim 1 (RaceLord Wave 1)
Power Jim 2 (RaceLord Wave 1)
SuperSpyXMythrunMythrunPower JimPower Jim
CGCJ 1 (RaceLord Wave 1)
CGCJ 3 (RaceLord Wave 1)
CGCJ 4 (RaceLord Wave 1)
Clone Gunner Commander JediClone Gunner Senate Commando JediStorm Gunner Commander Sith

Wave 2

Darth Henry 1 (RaceLord Wave 2)
Darth Henry 2 (RaceLord Wave 2)
Darth Henry 3 (RaceLord Wave 2)
Darth HenryDarth Henry
After the First Battle
Clone Gunner Commander Jedi
Darth Henry
After the "Final" Battle
Clone Gunner Commander Jedi

Wave 3

LEGO2013Helper Original (Wave 3)
Irnakk (Wave 3)
LEGO2013Helper (CM4S) OriginalIrnakk

Wave Knight

All Figures where already made for Custom:The Lost Brick of The Last Hero but I choose to add them here, more may be added.

King Bug
Knight, Knight
Knight Czech
Korppufin (RaceLord)
King BugGeneral KnightCommander CzechCaptain Korppufin

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