More Figures will be added soon

If you want me to make your figure, PLZ, leave a comment below

Upcoming Figures

Working on

  • New Czech
  • New Darth Henry
  • New Bug
  • New Jeyo
  • Cligra
  • Human Irnakk
  • Nuffsaid
  • Carmerville
  • Mr.Brix
  • ErkelonJay

Not Currently Working on

  • Lego-dark-knight0518
  • Megalor
  • TAHU9908

The Figures

RaceLord (RaceLord Wave 1)
RaceLord Mark 3
Knight (RaceLord Wave 1)
Knight, Knight
RaceLordRaceLord (MARK 3)KnightKnight
Jeyo 1 (RaceLord Wave 1)
Jeyo 2 (RaceLord Wave 1)
Power Jim 1 (RaceLord Wave 1)
Power Jim 2 (RaceLord Wave 1)
JeyoJeyoPower JimPower Jim
LEGO2013Helper Original (Wave 3)
LEGO2013Helper (3.7.2013)
LEGO2013Helper Gamer
CM4Sci OriginalCM4SciCM4Sci (Gamer)
Irnakk (Wave 3)
Irnakk Orc 1
Irnakk Orc 2
IrnakkIrnakk (Orc)
(No Face Printing)
Irnakk (Orc)
(No Face Printing)

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