Welcome to the LEGO Marvel DC Wiki Recruitment Board
The official LEGO Marvel and DC Super Heroes recruitment board hosted by Brickipedia

Hello everyone. My name is Rapmilo and I am the head admin, bureaucrat and founder of the LEGO Marvel and DC Super Heroes Wiki.

Currently our wiki has grown to have close to 1,000 pages and three active staff members. We are looking to recruit more editors to our wiki.

As the LEGO Batman Movie is to be released in the near future, we are hoping to attract users with dedication to edit on the wiki and to help keep the database up to date.

We currently have two moderator staff positions open for the taking. Moderators will be chosen based on experience and commitment.

The policies and guidelines for editing all can be found at the wiki and are mostly self-explanatory.

Let us know if you are interested by commenting below!

We look forward to editing with you!

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