I'm making my own custom called GameTime The Video Game that will feature me GameTime on a quest to save Brickapedia....and somehow the world. It will have everything like action, adventure, comedy, mystery, and other types of video games people will like. It will feature me making decisions that can leave me to victory or face the smell of death. Spooky stuff, right? Anyhow, if you want to be added in my custom as a playable character, then leave a response here. Thanks guys and have your self a good day, my fellow fricks.

GameTime The Video Game Cast

  • Me (RealGameTime)
  • Marty mcoy
  • S102502
  • Nerd-with-a-Pencil
  • VesperalLight
  • TheTruePokemonMaster
  • MLG Neo-Futurist
  • EmmonicHedgefoxX-7
  • Trigger Happy The Gremlin

Wanna be apart of the cast? Leave a comment down below!

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