• ReedJa2

    The Great Coin Search

    October 10, 2010 by ReedJa2

    I started the Great Coin Seacrh at my house. It is where I collect money to buy a LEGO set. You can comment if it is helping and if you got the LEGO Set you wanted.

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  • ReedJa2

    Teen Titans

    September 19, 2010 by ReedJa2

    I hope they come out with a Teen Titans theme. (I love that show).

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  • ReedJa2


    August 23, 2010 by ReedJa2

    Will they countine LEGO Batman sometime after 2010.

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  • ReedJa2


    August 19, 2010 by ReedJa2

    They are differnt things of pirates

    • Pirates
    • Pirates (4 Plus)
    • Pirates (faction)
    • Pirates of the Carribean

    • Pirates Promotional game

    • Pirate
    • Pirate Skeleton
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