Does anyone else think that LEGO themes are getting violent? I mean, Dino Attack is arguably the most violent theme that LEGO ever released, and it seems that greedy humans are pitted against poor innocent creatures in every recent theme. So let me tell you about what I consider might be the most violent themes ever released.

Dino Attack

Well, this theme has the humans' vehicles studded with missile launchers and machine guns(is this a good impression to be giving our five year-old children?) and their obvious goal is to wipe out the dinosaurs. Unless the dinosaurs have been slaughtering humans mercilessly(as the storyline suggests) it seems that the humans have no excuse to be killing poor dinosaurs. It is possible that the humans are trigger-happy sadists who enjoy killing poor animals. Anyway, it is called Dino Attack, meaning the poor dinosaurs are being attacked. I think Dino 2010 is better.

Aqua Raiders

With the greedy divers trying to take ancient treasures and make millions of dollars and the only thing in their way are unusually large sea creatures, this theme can be considered violent, too. What else are you going to use harpoon guns and missile launchers for other than killing poor innocent fish? One excuse could be that they are only looking for a good meal of seafood, but this is unlikely. After they've sold all their treasures, they can buy like seven eight-course seafood dinners! Why not capture the sea creatures so you can study them to find out how they got so large? Again, these divers have no scientific sense. Plus, I think there is no storyline to back up why they are killing them, too.

So tell me what you think! Plus, if any of you think that any other theme is violent, don't hesitate to say so!

I took away the poll because some damn wikia contributor voted more than once, therefore ruining a good sample.

ALSO, I closed comments because this is really getting out of hand.

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