I have written 2 chapters of Bionicle:The Brotherhood Of Makuta in Finnish, but now i will release a bit of thae Novel's 1st chapter in English.

Here it goes...

Once upon a time, there was a four-armed and handed Gaardus, who lived in The island Of Artidax. He had created the mysterious 6 Golden Parts, which gives its weilder Ultimate Powers. One day, he was in the Forgotten Mountains, where was always quiet. Suddenly, Gaardus heard heavy steps. He saw two shadows, one had Four Arms and the Other looked like a Half-Ghost. Gaardus prepared for Battle against these two. Only a few hits, and Gaardus fell to the ground. The duo stole the Parts. "We did it Ghost Hunter!" The four armed said. The Ghosty one said: "Yes, we did Four-Arms and our Boss is really happy." The ghosty one kicked Gaardus off the mountain. Gaardus broke into pieces and died. The duo headed back their hideout, but they didn't know that Gaardus had time to send a emergency message to the nearest island, Matoran Island.

What do you think? Tell me in the comments!

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