"Universe of ROBLOX and it's many Worlds know as places have existed for many years now. Many lines of code that has been written for this world have never been touched. Beautiful Landscapes, Spaceships, Underground facilities, Castles and even machines that has been built by it's inhabitants known as ROBLOXians. Some ROBLOXians have made groups of their own. In 2015, we Welcome (Well, only me) you to the Amazing Universe of ROBLOX!"

That's right, it's coming. But first things first, it will have Minifigures instead of Brickbuilt Figures, that only have moveable arms. Minifigure ROBLOXians are also good because of the Accessories, like Armor, Swords, Rocket Launchers etc...

Second thing, the sets.

Sets are not listed by their Size. Some more sets may appear

  • Playground
  • Formula 1 Racer
  • Disaster Island
  • Computer Core
  • Underground Research facility
  • WIJ Outpost Indigo: Raider base
  • WIJ Outpost Indigo: The Outpost
  • Builderman Suite Hotel
  • Space Cruise (Sets below this... thing will be released first)
  • Minifigure Pack 1
  • Minifigure Pack 2
  • WIJ Trooper Pack
  • Innovation Pack
  • Pinewood Pack
  • Gear pack

Third and final thing, Minifigures confirmed so far.

  • WIJ Trooper
  • WIJ Trooper (Shock)
  • WIJ Elite
  • SilentSwords (Chairman)
  • Builderman (2007)
  • Are92
  • Stickmasterluke
  • Diddleshot
  • Madattak
  • Rolijok
  • Telamon/Shedletsky
  • Innovation Scientist
  • GodRople (Me)
  • Bob

Now last but now least, set making WILL take time, so... Happy Waiting!

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