Hello everyone, and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays! This blog post is focused on Ninjago: The Unfolded Series like last year. As I promised weeks ago, I will be giving New sets and Aftermath Information. Let's start with New sets.

New Sets

...And more will be released later next week, including Zhard's UltraJet


So Aftermath is the sequel the The Final Battle as you may know, but I will not reveal the plot for Aftermath, since The Final Battle is still undergoing.

But I can give you a few details on it!

  • It takes place 1 and half years after the events of The Final Battle
  • There will be brand-new characters
  • An old character from the TV-Series will make it's appearance
  • The Ninja will have short-sleeved outfits.
  • There will be brand-new original Weapons for the Ninja.
  • John will be the focus.

Videogame Development update

So, about my videogame...

The development still going on, but in it's very early development phase. I have made several assets for the game, but I need to focus on the design and coding of the game. Feel free to help me if you want! (You will of course get your name on the credits!)

New Logo!

Yes, finally! A new logo for Ninjago: The Unfolded Series! I made this myself on a software called Blender (Same software I use to make assets to my game) It took me some time to make this (total of 5 Hours I think!)

Here it is: Logo 2nd editionwhite

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017!

But wait, there's more...

I am planning to re-release sets from Bionicle Season 1 all the way to John and Jack Season 3 sets, as my building and design skills have improved from that time. They will have more functions and they are more detailed. The story will be mostly rewrote too, so the adventures of the Toa and the adventures of The Ninja will have more connection to them. There will be brand-new sets too!

More details coming 2017!

Thank you, and keep building!

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