Hello and Merry Christmas everyone! I have decided to tell some new about my theme! Let's begin!

Help Wanted

I need someone to create the Logo for Ninjago: Threat From The Past. It must have:

  • Ninjago: The Unfolded Series Logo
  • Obsidian Glaive made in LDD
  • Text: "Threat From The Past"

New sets

Stormrunner story

I have decided to reveal some more of the story for Stormrunner

It has been 100 years after The Eternal Peace begun. New Elemental Masters were trained to protect other planets. Time has passed and The Ninja have passed into Legend. Zane and Zhard lived on since they are Nindroids, but one day, they vanished into thin air and are nowhere to be found.

A new threat: Cyberstormer, has hacked into the network of planet Crux, planning to destroy Robotic Invention Systems, a company that produces robot to explore new worlds and find the missing Nindroids. It's up to the descendants of The Ninja to stop him and his evil army before it's too late! But can they find each other?

Stormrunner will be the last season of the Series.

Past, Present and Future

Now it's time for the big news!


You don't know how the story begun? Don't worry. A new secret is revealed: Chapter 0.The Great War

It tells the story of Crux and Archeus, The Beginning of Time and The Great War, the war that begun it all.


Ninjago: The Final Battle begins soon. It tells about of The Ninja trying to Stop The Nindroids, The Overlord and Archeus once and for all before Archeus can gain back his powers and destroy all we know! Is this The End? Or the Beginning of The End?


Or is it just The Beginning?


A brand new chapter: Ninjago: Aftermath.

Something else

"I want to know the Truth"
―??? in Ninjago: Aftermath

I'm also proud to announce that I'm developing Ninjago: The Unfolded Series in Unreal Engine 4!

Now in Development


What do you think was the best news?

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