Brick Reviews originally Brick Wiki is nearly finished and its Official Launch will be in -2365 days time.

What is Brick Reviews?

Brick Reviews is a Wiki which shall allow fans of LEGO products to post their own reviews without the hassle of waiting for it to be approved by a moderator.

Why not do this at Brickipedia?

Brickipedia is a more professional Wiki and by having reviews posted by lots of random users who barely make any edits will just make the Wiki messy and un-appealing. By having the reviews on the seperate Wiki we can keep Brickipedia looking at it's best without the mess the reviews may cause.

Spilt community?

Brick Reviews isn't intended to split the community. To try and make sure of this, when a user or A Wikia Contributor posts a review they will only be given the basic information about the product that they are reviewing. In other words, if a user wants to know more about the product, they will have to visit Brickipedia. On each article there will be a link to Brickipedia.

More information coming soon...

SKP4472 Talk 13,998 Edits! Devoted Editor of Brickipedia 17:52, February 10, 2011 (UTC)

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