Hey guys. I wanna make an army RPG. (inspiration from King Kahuka) I made some available spots for the army team. Follow the rules, too.


  • Fourth to join will be killed at some point
  • Put a script in your audition with an image (example: Me: What is that? Guy:A Gun)
  • I will choose my favorite auditions to be in it
  • One audition only until the possible round 2
  • The classes you are aloud to be are Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Spy, Sniper, Mechanic, Demoman, Heavy and Medic.
  • No calling to be the leader, cause that is me.
  • Only up to two weapons
  • Make your bio and script two different comments
  • Only six people can be in this RPG, including me


Bio you need

  • Name: (username)
  • Class:
  • Weapon: (either arrows, any gun, a knife, twin daggers, or a blade)
  • Skill: (either slealth, being fast, etc.)
  • Appearance:
  • Personality:

Characters of this RPG

Saburo (me)

  • Name: General Saburo
  • Class: No Class, I am the leader
  • Weapon: Machine Gun
  • Skill: Speed
  • Appearance: Brown hair, stubbles, black tux
  • Personality: Crazy


  • Name: LEGOlas
  • Class: Sniper
  • Weapon: Sniper Rifle,A-10 Warthog
  • Skill: Piloting
  • Appearance: heavy-duty armor,ski-mask and goggles(like BO2 snipers)
  • Personality: Awesome


  • Name: Macy
  • Class: Scout
  • Weapon: Twin Daggers
  • Skill: Acrobatics; stealthy
  • Appearance: Catwoman-y attire, blonde hair
  • Personality: Stealthy, love for diamonds, villainous


  • Name: PreferPigs
  • Class: Scout
  • Weapon: Arrows
  • Skill: Pretty stealthy, but mostly strong
  • Appearance: Mirkwood elf archer thing, and serious expression
  • Personality: Intelligant


  • Name: Legoman
  • Class: Sniper
  • Weapon: Sniper Rifle.
  • Skill: piloting and tank driving.
  • Appearance: Army Camaflouge
  • Personality: Smart, Strong and courageous.

Brick Lord

  • Name: Brick Lord.
  • Class: Soldier.
  • Weapons:Sub machine gun.
  • Skill: Pilot and good at tracking.
  • Appearance:Army Camaflouge.
  • Personality: Quick thinker and Athletic.

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