Well it took forever and ever and ever and you get. I am only doing the popular users and me. Next wave I am doing others. Anyway, here you all go, sorry if it took a long time.

Oh and I almost forgot...

Wave Two

  • Saburo
  • Carmerville
  • Jeyo
  • Jpw
  • Meiko
  • CJC
  • Czech
  • Knight
  • LSC
  • Macy
  • Nightwolf
  • Special Bonus!

Why I did not make some of you

The reason i did not make legosuperheroesfan, JPW and sparrow was because they dont have sigfigs created by them. If u did not post a sigfig of u then I will not make u a fig, u wont like ur sigfig cuz i wont know what to put.

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