Hello peoples, I just was thinking about the Brickipedia fantastic four idea, then i deceided to stop doing it. I dont really want to do it that much anymore. I dont have LDD yet, and when i get it it might not have fantastic four suits anyway. So if u guys still want it then make ur own. I will make Xmen possibly. If i do, I am Wolverine. If i do xmen than i only will let users with custom LEGO avatars of them in, i wont know what to put if you dont have a custom. Also it must be on LDD. I cant put physical minifigs in the xmen. It MUST be LDD. Also you can only pick ONE variant of you for me to put. Im letting Preferpigs be Deadpool because he is my best bud and he prefers to be Deadpool like he prefers pigs.

Changed my mind today

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