Hey guys, I heard that there will be more Minecraft sets. I am very, I repeat VERY excited for the sets for three reasons:

  • I LOVE Minecraft
  • They used to only have one set
  • They made a P-I-G!

Pig (Minecraft)

The pig is one of the reasons why I want 21105 The Village. The one of the Nether seems pretty cool too, I like how they give you Ghasts and Zombie Pigman. The feature of how they gave him the sword was awesome.

Next Wave Thoughts

If they make another wave of Minecraft, I think that they should make Herobrine, because it would be cool to have a set with Steve fighting Herobrine.

Favorite Micro Mob fig

My favorite of all of the new Micro Mobs has got to be the Zombie Pigman. First off, he is a pig. If you see my other blog posts than you know how obbsessed I am with pigs, and its cool how he is half-pig half-zombie. Also a lot of you guys might like how they gave him Mutt Williams' knife in gold hooked on by a little piece.


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