Everyone please stop ruining The Adventure Begins, cuz your not understanding this theme. You guys all think I am rude for making this even though it was you guys with the rude comments (CGCJ, Nuff, Mr.Brix). It is supposed to be a nice thing to do. Its a whole theme dedicated to Irnakk. Now, Legosuperheroesfan, nightwolf and preferpigs were being nice but not any of you were. Irnakk will probobly be touched if he find out about this theme. He even wielded Orcist, a sword from the Hobbit, and he is really into the Hobbit and all of that. So please, stop being mean.

Also please dont call this blog pointless Legoboy9373, because there are WAY more pointless blogs out there in Brickipedia. Including yours! And mine are not pointless. Klag dont delete this blog! Its not a stupid one

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