Ok, so I know how I make too many blogs, but something important came into my head last week. It is about Meiko and NuffSaid. More specifically, it is about their blocks...

Lets start off with Nuff. Dr. Czech blocked him for swearing and attacking. I honestly think that Nuff was hacked by somebody and they wrote all those swears and stuff wherever he put them. Since all three accounts got blocked for that, Nuff could not sign on and say that he got hacked. So he made a sockpuppet. Now, the sockpuppetry was bad, he could have just skyped a friend or something to let them know what happened. But he made that sock puppet.

The second thing I thought of was Meiko. I know that Wikia blocked him a few months ago, but I think he didn't know about the ads removed could block him. I know more news about Meiko is here but I think it was an honest mistake. He possibly did not know about it. He does not use Brickipedia anymore, but he deserves an unblock.

These two were never ment to be blocked. So admins, Wikia team, ANYONE, please listen and spread the word to get these guys unblocked. They probobly didnt deserve it.

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